12-Inch Half Round Planter,Light Grey

  • A perfect fit for walls or fences.Create a hanging garden outdoor.

  • Prevent overwatering and meanwhile Store water for plants with the black net at the bottom.

  • Cut it from the black net and seal the drainage hole against water leakage for indoor use.

  • Made of High-quality resin plastics, light-weighted, duarable, and multiple colors for you to choose from

  • SIZEļ¼š12x6.9x8.6inch; WEIGHT: 1.2lb; COLOR: Green, S Hooks included.


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  • Semicircular Shape modern & elegant, without worrying about the pot dangling or damping the wall after watering. 
  • Multifunctional Net The black net at the bottom helps you water your plants more scientifically. 
  • This smart net would control water by draining extra water through it, and store the water at the very bottom of the pot just beneath the net. 
  • With this pot, everyone can have a green finger without worrying about over-watering or drought. 
  • Detachable Plug Cut it from the black net at the bottom and seal the drainage hole to prevent water leakage for indoor use. 
  • Made of high quality resin plastics, nontoxic, light-weighted, odorless, strong & durable. 
  • And we provide multiple colors and combinations for you to choose from. 

How to Use:
Step 1: Put some newspapers or wasted materials over the black net, in order to prevent soil which leaks through the net from occupying the water storage space. 
Step 2: Add the soil at a suitable depth. FRI, the depth of soil depends on the length of plant root. 
However,the depth of soil should be 1-2 inches for seeds, which is up to the size of the plants. 
Step 3: Put your plants over the soil, keep it straight, and fill the empty space with soil. As for seeds, just keep it at the surface center and add soil. 
Step 4: Water your plants or seeds thoroughly for the first time. However, spray a little bit of water when needed. 
TIPS: Squeeze the soil with your finger, if your finger is wet, then don't apply water; otherwise, water your plants.


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