80% Sunblock Shade Cloth Cover with Clips for Plants 6.5’ X 10’, Black

  • Durability Material - UV stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), resists mold and mildew

  • Save summer garden - Keeps vegetable garden and greenhouse cooler. Protects plants from direct sun while allowing water and air through, no need to removemesh shade when watering

  • Great lightweight cover - Provides enough shade and temperature reduction for chicken coop, poultry, barns, kennel

  • Easy to put up, come with clips for installation.Size:width 6.5 feet. and length 10 feet, Black.

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Agfabric is a professional agriculture fabric supply brand, which covers shade cloth, weed barrier, row cover, garden netting, bird netting, frost protection bag, hail netting, etc. The goal of Agfabric is to provide all purpose plant protection and plant cover solution, both standard and customized designs. Agfabric’s product development and research team is always launching new and exclusive gardening and growing product to benefit its customers.
Shade Cloth is one of the most popular product line of Agfabric. It can create shade ANYWHERE you need, including plant cover, shade tarp, truck cover, canopy enclosure, patio cover, site barrier, privacy fence, kennel cover, etc. Its unique lock stitch construction will not unravel. UV resistant material provides a long life span.
The following knit density sun block percentages are commonly used:
1.Plant cover: normally 30%-60% depending upon level of heat reduction desire of plant types
2.Swimming pool cover: 30%-40% will keep leaves out and 50% or 60% for needles
3. Greenhouse and kennel cover: 50% up to 80% shade factor based on specific requirements
4. Insect barrier: 70% up to 80% can be enough for anti bugs, birds or deer. However, for insect barrier purpose, we strongly recommend our Agfabric garden netting line.
5.Privacy screen and windbreak: 70% and above provides privacy and windscreen feature, and can work for home and patio shading, such as pergola cover, patio cover, porch cover, window awning, privacy fence, etc.
6.Sport security netting: 50% and above will stop sports ball passing through
7.Other usage: hail netting


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