11.81'' 9 Guage Pins

  • Galvanized on the surface,will never rust

  • No need for other tools, just step on the top hardly

  • The span is 1.18'', Perfect to hold down pipes in hard soils

  • Help to secure weed barrier fabric, fence dog fences, landscaping, turf, and electric fences

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Agfabric weed control fabric helps with drainage and keeps the groud clean, landscape and guiding. Widely used for weed barrier, irrigation work, road paving, building project.
Agfabric landscape tarp performs well in filter, drainage, isolation, protection and reinforcement.
In order to better use,you can use U-pin to protect the growth of plants.The perfect combination of weed barrier and U-pin, will bring you a new experience.
Agfabric U-pin is great for ensuring soil erosion issues, giving you great power to control erosion related inconveniences. High quality and low price,you can reuse it.
Agfabric U-pin can secure landscape fabric to reduce weeds or keep birds away,Hold down wire for pet containment systems,U-Pin erosion control fabrics & weed barriers,Secure outdoor wires or holiday decorations.


Length:50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm


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