Do you like to play outdoor sports? Have you ever taken honey directly from a honeycomb? Do you have a garden full of flowers? Gardeners are easy targets to be stung by bees every time they’re out in the garden. Every year when the flowers bloom they attract a lot of bees. As everyone knows, it is very painful to be stung by bees and this can also trigger allergic reactions. In order to protect our health, we must take measures to prevent danger. The most convenient precaution to take is wearing a protection hat.

The multifunctional netted cap is made from 100% polyester; which is waterproof, quick drying, and lightweight. It’s one size, with an adjustable buckle to fit most people. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, beekeeping, gardening, etc. The attached sun shield and mask of UV 50+ can protect your neck and face from sunburn and dust. The glasses can protect your eyes while performing yard work. The mask is made with a comfortable and breathable fabric-- breathable wicking mesh on both sides, designed to provide ventilation.

The multifunctional anti-bee cap not only prevents bees, but also provides shade and prevents other insect attacks. Try our beekeeping cap to protect yourself from the harmful side of nature.