If you are a beauty queen, I believe the product is perfect to meet your standards of appearance. New design of grow bag is a good choice for gardeners. The bag is suitable for most of plants, vegetables, flowers and fruit such as strawberries.

Grow Bags can be used in many conditions, like home office, balcony, interior decoration, outdoor venues and fence wall. It can be directly used like a flower pot. Put soil in, start planting! Small area growing just watering as a flower pot, large area growing need automatic drip irrigation system.

Grow bags are made of wool felt material which is environment friendly, non-toxic and degradable. The advantages of the bag are various, including UV resistant, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high adaptability for either cold or hot environment. Made a dead area on a wall into a very attractive burst of Plants.

Even without weeding, grow bags also can be used as furniture receiving bag. The bag can be reused for more than five years outdoors. This bag is collapsible not to take up much space when storing. You can hang it on the wall, balcony, trellis, fence and so on. With fixing holes, it is easier to fix using ropes, nails or hooks. So someone who is curious about pocket size how to choose? If plant roots need to put deeply in the soil (much soil), please choose big pocket, if not, choose the small pocket.

Eat what you grow on your own and you'll never worry about resulting in health hazards. Let the environment full of green breath of nature.

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