How To Prevent Weeds from Blooming in Your Garden with Plastic Sheet Covers

The biggest enemy to gardens: weeds (and other things).

We all worry about the pesky weeds that cause our vegetables and flowers to wilt. Those stubborn plants suck up the nutrients and safe bacteria for your growing garden, making them look lush while your garden slowly dies. We offer an affordable and economical solution, a premium PE material plant cover to help you sustain a flourishing landscape!

Agfabric’s Landscape Film is made with high quality, hand-spun, UV stabilizer polypropylene fabric, with different sizes and thickness for multiple altitudes temperatures for all types of landscaping.

With our plastic cover, you can protect a wide variety of plants: fruit trees, raised vegetable or fruit beds, shrubs, potted porch flowers. Also, secure various crops such as melon, tomato, green pepper, hot peppers, watermelon, pumpkin, strawberries and flowers from hard and destructive physical disturbances like high extreme winds, heavy rainfall, or winter frost.

The row cover helps promote seed germination by trapping the perfect amount of heat and humidity to boost germination for plant growth. The product helps to keep your soil and plants a bit warmer at night to protect them from the cold and help them grow at a pace they would if the weather was actually warmer. This allows you to plant earlier than if you were using the direct seeding method or when the summer is slow, by trapping the UV rays and collecting the humidity to retain moisture in the soil without baking it.

Guard your trees, fields of vegetables, and flowers from multiple pests like birds, stubborn insects, rabbits, deers, racoon, and other animals.

Due to the thickness and pores of the cover, it allows light, water and air to pass through without causing you any hassle with tedious work. The fabric breathes on its own with its pores, so it doesn't smother the plants it is protecting. The product also helps extends harvest dates into early spring and late fall.