As a gardener, if you don't know the existence of a grow tunnel, it's really a shame! Grow tunnels are useful for gardens in almost any season. In summer, when plants are exposed to high temperatures for a long time, they will easily wither.  Grow tunnels can protect them from UV rays. In winter, the temperature is too low, the sunlight is insufficient, and the plants cannot fully perform photosynthesis, which will greatly reduce the yield. Grow tunnels on plants protect them from frost. In spring and autumn, growing tunnels protect plants from insects and birds.

Quick tunnel is made from UV stabilized 0.9oz non woven fabric cover and 6pcs of never rust hoops. The size is 10-Feet long and 26-inch width. Garden fabrics for safe and effective barrier covers many types of pests, including insects, birds and animals, and also protect plants from overheat and frost. Whether extending your harvest into the fall or getting an early start for spring vegetables, the tunnel creates warmth while allowing water and sunlight to filter through to the plant. Formed a barrier against frost and harsh weather, animals,and pests, the tunnel can be used as a mini greenhouse in the summer.

So convenient and useful indispensable growth tunnel, do you really want to start one?