Do you have a dog? Does your dog sleep outside? Dogs are part of the family, so when they’re uncomfortable, so are we. The high temperature in summer will make the dog particularly uncomfortable. So, buy a shade cloth for the dog's kennel and give them a more comfortable home!

The shade cloth is both beautiful and practical.

It’s lightweight, making it easy to carry and use, and it is easy to install. The shade cloth with high reflectivity can reduce the temperature. The beautiful design will definitely draw your friends’ attention!

Second, protective kennel covers block 60%-70% of sunlight and protects from harmful UV rays. At the same time, breathable aluminum material allows pets to enjoy fresh air. The silver material shines in the sun; how beautiful it looks!

In addition, the shade cloth has a reinforced edge with grommets, and in order to facilitate the attachment of the dog kennel easily, each grommet space is about 23".

Of course, you can also apply it elsewhere, such as shade for your car, plants and outdoor activities.

What are you thinking about? Hurry and buy one for your dog. Your dog will love you more!