1. Click "Register" in the top right corner of the homepage 2. Fill in the columns in turn, check the I agree >, if you need to add the shipping address now, please check the "Create shipping address now" and fill in the columns below. 3. And now you can start shopping! Choose your favorite products and click "Buy Now". 4. Choose the specification and input the quantity you need, then click "ADD TO CART". 5. On the My Cart page, confirm your goods and click "Chect Out" or "Continue Shopping". 6. On My Orders page, please add a shipping address if you don't give the address at first step. Then confirm the quantity and amount. Click "Continue Check Out". You can leave information in "Notes and special requests" textbox. 7. Click "Pay Now" and go to the PayPal page to complete your payment. Payment Process

With paypal payment system, you can pay with a paypal account or a credit card if you don't have a paypal account.

1. Paypal Account

If you have a Paypal account. Input your Email and Password then press Log In.

2. Credit Card Or Debit Card

If you don't have a Paypal Accout, you can use your Credit Card or Debit Card. Click"Pay with a debit or credit card, or Paypal Credit", then fill in your information accordingly.