Will spring and autumn birds and pests eat my plants? When summer arrives, will plants not stand the heat and die? If the winter is too cold, will the plants freeze to death? Almost every gardener has these problems. If you are also one of these people, you don't have to worry about it. Our product, the grow tunnel, is your solution.

The tunnel is made of premium quality heavy duty garden fabric, which is UV-stabilized and will last long term; all while allowing light and moisture through to the plants. Innovative metal hoops with high stability is up to 5" feet are inserted into the soil to ensure the durability of the tunnel. Drawstring ends allow access and side windows allow ventilation, watering and fertilization to your plants. The windows are easy to open and close with tape. The grow tunnels protect the crops, vegetables and flowers against frost and harsh weather in winter. It can also be used for seed germination.

Grow tunnels provide the ideal environment for rapid germination and growth of young plants, and protect your plants from frost, hail, rain and other horrible weather; in summer or autumn, the tunnel can also act as an insect barrier to protect your plants from becoming infested, or visited by some furry friends, such as rabbit, deer, etc.