Are you ever bothered by flocks of birds frequently flying over your garden, covering your garden with poisonous droppings, or tarnishing your plants with their pecking? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, it’s such a common problem that multiple companies have designed an environmentally friendly garden net to help you control these pests.

  • As a long-term solution, garden nets are the most humane way to prevent birds away from entering your garden. The nets protect your apples, peaches, grapes, tomatoes, cherries, seeds and so much more from loitering birds nesting near your home.
  • Block birds from entering important areas around your garden! Create a physical barrier between your newly planted trees from stubborn birds by designing a framed fenced with the nylon net.
  • Birds acidic droppings are a constant interference with plant growth because it infects the soil and plants with dangerous diseases. Birds are known for passing around the flu, tuberculosis, and other common viruses that affect your plants, other animals, and your health.
  • Bird netting is super affordable and will not make a dent in your checking account! Save yourself money and some sanity with bird netting! 

Among many manufactures that construct anti-bird nettings, Agfabric offers a high-quality nylon net to protect gardens from any possible birds attacks. Now, you don’t have to ever worry about any pests entering your garden and ruining your plants. It’s always best to invest in a reusable net to ensure extreme protection to promote a flourishing garden with various plants all year long!

To make sure everyone is on the same page, bird netting is meant to be an alternative solution from using chemical pesticides repellents that can poison plants, water supplies, animals, and you. Most importantly, Agfabrics bird net will not harm any birds! The fabric is not made with sharp edges or small openings that will hurt any wildlife.  

A mesh net is an effective product that is extremely easy to install; don’t struggle with an expensive wiring fence that won’t even cover your plants correctly. Use the net to cover the plants directly or build a hoop or a growing tunnel and place the net on the frame. Also, Agfabric offers customizable options so you can create any size net to fit every project.

When you need a flexible and durable polypropylene mesh netting to guard your fruits and vegetables from birds, always go to Agfabric; the company that always looks outs for what’s best for you and the environment.

If you have any questions about bird netting, please feel free to contact us.