When you see the plants that crawl around and affect the beauty of the entire garden, do you really want to remove them but are not willing to? A flower trellis not only makes the vine plant grow better, but also makes the garden more beautiful.

Unique design with a heavy and durable construction is a perfect fit for courtyards and can be used as a garden entrance, patio wall decor and metal yard art. Adds an interesting feature to your garden wall, fence or screen.

First, it is a perfect way to display and support your vine plants as they grow to full height. Keeps your harvest off the ground and away from pests and rot.

Second, it is quick and easy to install with limited skills and common tools. Suitable for in-ground installation, for indoor or outdoor use.

Third, the sturdy material makes the trellis longer life span than wood ones.

In addition, it is perfect for supporting vigorous growth of plants that climb by twining such as Clematis, Passion Flower, Morning Glory, Royal Plum Cathedral Bells and etc.

Remember to install your trellis before the plants start to climb and you'll enjoy it all season long. 

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