What do you think is the role of the fence? I think the biggest role of the fence is decoration. If you never decorate your own garden, I think you should not use a fence, but when you decorate your own garden, the fence is an essential ornament. The fence is very versatile: the personal courtyard is available. Urban greening is also available. Parks, zoos, city roads, etc. can be seen everywhere.I want to say that this product is just like a normal fence.

The fence is made of plastic, which is phosphatized and lacquered, so it is rust and high temperature resistant. Of course it is also easy to maintain and can be used for many years. Each piece can be attached to another piece and can be rotated. It's a small piece, 8 inches high and 7 inches high, and it may take you a little time to install it when you buy it home. But don't worry about it being very simple to install, you don't need to spend too much energy.

In general, this garden edge fence brings an elegant finishing touch to your floral borders, helping to keep the plants looking neat. You can also add edges to the flower box to support floppy plants.In addition, its low price, you can buy without any worries.

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