Do you want to protect your vegetable plants? Not only can this product protect them from the heat of summer and the cold of winter, but it can also protect them from pests and birds. What is it? It is a mini growth tunnel. If you still don't understand this thing, let me introduce it to you.

Garden fabrics for safe and effective barrier prevent many types of pests, including insects, birds and animals, and protect plants from overheat and frost. Flexible application, the design for plant cover, frost protection cover, and mini greenhouse provide ideal environment for rapid germination and growth of young plants. Special design with 3pcs of hoops makes the structure sturdier. It can be used for seed germination and frost protection. It is ideal for raised bed planting, especially 4x4 ft raised bed. We offer kits including 1pc of 0.9oz row cover, 8pcs of 11ft hoop and 4pc of 10ft hoop. Now we have four cover material like plastic, fleece, shade cloth and netting, which corresponding to different application in different seasons, such as frost protection in winner, sun protection in summer and insect barrier in all seasons.

A beautiful and easy to use growth tunnel, buy it quickly!