A mini greenhouse is a perfect enhancement for any garden in need of protection. With a plastic greenhouse tent, you can raise a variety of plants and even extend any harvest season!

Gardening is one of the most fun and satisfying hobbies that help stimulate your mind and body. The long process of gardening is an adventure; the excitement in planting your first seedlings, the inpatient and anxiety-filled waiting for sprouts to pop up from the dirt, and watching your babies grow up to be beautiful flowers, vegetables, and fruits. It feels amazing to see yourself accomplish something so beautiful. 

It’s also great for your body! With gardening, there is lots of walking, lifting, and bending over to help sustain the growth of your plants. The manual labor is totally worth it when you’re able to harvest lettuce for a fresh salad or fruits to make a delicious smoothie. 

Greenhouse tents give you total control of the growth of your garden in any season! Protect most of your plants from the summer heat of harsh winter during the early plant growth period. 

  • In the spring, the mini tent can protect tons of young plants from pests, insects, or viruses that come creeping in.
  • In the summer, protect tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers from overheating.
  • When autumn comes, plant lettuces in the greenhouses so you have a winter supply of fresh salads.
  • Frosty winters are a strong opponent against plants. However, the greenhouse can help sensitive plants from the cold weathers.

The mini greenhouse also promotes seed germination by trapping heat for plant growth. By trapping heat, the mini tent maintains a warmer temperature for plants during cold frosty nights (without boiling the soil). This allows the protected plants to live and thrive in a mimicked environment essential for their growth. It’s also necessary to use the tent when summer is delayed or extreme winds are pulling your precious plants from the roots and ruining your potential harvest.

Most importantly, the tent covering transmits sunlight and air through its breathable porous structure. The fabric is uniquely designed to breathe on its own to conserve water, by reducing evaporation, so it doesn’t smother the plants it’s protecting.

The tent is made of either plastic, fleece, shade cloth or netting to support different types of seasons. Agfabric also provides fiberglass hoops so you can directly cover your raised garden beds without any hassle.

Check out Agfabric’s mini greenhouse tents that are an organic, safe and effective way to keep your plants flourishing.