For gardeners, winter is the most disliked season. The low temperatures, cold winds and frosts of winter are the murderers of the destruction of plants. Every time I see that my carefully cared plants are dying, my heart is very uncomfortable like being cut by a knife. If your area is cold in winter, try to put a jacket on your plant.

The shrub jacket is made with high quality UV stabilized spun polypropylene fabric

which has different thickness offering a greenhouse with different temperatures for application in each state. It is perfect for plant that the size is 68''-72"high, 140''-144" round, and heavy-weight FRCs (.9-1.2 oz./sq. yard).

A product can provide you with multiple functions. First, it’s perfect for fruit tree, patio trees, raised bed vegetables, shrubs, potted flowers, tall upright plants, and etc.

Second, capturing heat and moisture to accelerate germination and plant growth during seed germination.

And, it provides antifreeze protection for plants and prevents damage from birds, insects and other animals.

In addition, block sunlight to some degree to protect plants from high temperature injury.

Of course, the simple design makes it easy to use. Easy drawstring at the opening makes it easier and quicker to cover plants during harsh weather. High quality UV stabilized spun polypropylene fabric allows air and moisture to reach your plants.