I think everyone knows that safety fences are very important. When a road is under construction, the staff must place a safety fence. The goal is to protect us from harm. Similarly, we should also prepare a safety fence in the courtyard, especially for families living in remote areas. It can prevent bad people from entering the house and avoid animals in the forest from entering the house.So you need to know about this product.

It is made from polyethylene while adding anti-aging agent (UV) . Therefore, it has a lot of advantages.On the one hand,it won't rust, rot or corrode. Because of its high strength, it can resist aging and therefore resist corrosion.The benefit it gives us is durability, which can last a long time.On the other hand,it can reusable and recyclable.Neither pollute the environment nor waste resources.You may have this worry: it will be heavy and difficult to install.I want to tell you that there is no such concern, because the quality of this material is very light, it is very convenient for you to carry .Roll it up when you don't need it and don't take up space.

The color of this fence is orange.It’s high visiblity color.Safety fence was specifically designed in response to Federal Highway Administration Transportation Research Board's research findings that orange is an ideal color for high visibility in safety applications. So it has a wide range of uses,it can use at safety fence around construction sites, where high visibility is top priority, block off property lines, unfinished buildings, sewer holes. Also ideal for fairs, carnivals, sporting events and parades.

Specific product information is as follows:Width: 39", 47"; Length: 10ft, 25ft, 50ft .If you need it, you can browse the link.

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