This is a cube zippered shed bag. Unlike other plant covers, it doesn’t make direct contact with plants. Instead, it requires a stand to house the shrub or plant. If you want to put a protective cover on your shrub plant, you need to put a bracket around the shrub plant before using this product, and then put it on the stand. It is equivalent to a small greenhouse for plants. While it may seem small, sometimes it's necessary to do small things for your favorite plants. It is used in a wider range than a protective jacket that is directly attached to a plant. It can also build a small greenhouse for potted plants. Suitable for greenhouse sizes 58'' - 60''high and 48-50''wide. In addition, breathable, high quality UV stabilized polypropylene fabrics allow air and moisture to reach your plants. It also allows light to pass through, and ventilation does not affect the plant's breathing. Agfabric Plant Cover is made with high quality UV stabilized spun polypropylene fabric, which varies in thickness, offering a sort of greenhouse with different temperatures for different uses. The best thing about this product is that it has multiple uses: 1. Antifreeze protection is perfect for fruit trees, garden trees, raised vegetables, shrubs, potted flowers, tall erect plants, etc. 2. Seed germination captures heat and moisture, accelerates germination and plant growth 3. Bite protection protects your plants from bites from birds, insects, rabbits and other animals. 4. Terrible weather protection protects your plants from exposure, storms, hail, snow, etc.