Trellises and arbors give a garden a lift. If you are looking for something new this year, get a trellis and grow up.

  1. Trellises don’t have to be fancy. Good-looking structures help direct the eye around a garden, frame views, or create a bit of privacy. You can use a pretty trellis to hide the compost pile or block out the neighbors’ patio, but some trellises are overly ornate showpieces, not well-suited to supporting vines or climbing roses. 
  2. Hard, durable and oxidation resistant. Graceful trellis showcases climbing vines. Wide width creates a welcoming entryway. Corrosion-resistant materials are resistant to natural damage and adverse weathering. Long-term use will not worry about the surface oxidation of the grid, keeping the surface of the grid shiny and beautiful.
  3. Easy to use and carry. The design that can be rolled up is easy to use and reduces transportation costs. It is convenient to install quickly and easily with limited skills and common tools.
  4. Multipurpose. Not only it can be used as a trellis for plants, but also used to raise animal fences such as chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, mechanical equipment protection, highway guardrails, sports field fences, and road green belt protection fences. 

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