Adding simple structures freshens up a garden without putting a lot of stress on your wallet; a trellis is one of the most inexpensive garden decorations you can buy. You can use a pretty trellis to hide the compost pile or block out the neighbors’ patio; arbors provide shade for a comfortable bench, and invite you to spend more time outdoors enjoying your garden.

14 inch square shape of the cage allows the plant more growth space, and easy to fold flat for storage. It can also used as cucumber fence, provides needed support for growing peas and cucumbers.

1. Perfect way to display and support your vining plants as they grow to full height.

2. Quick and easy to install with limited skills and common tools.

3. Very sturdy, long life span, better than wood ones.

4. Perfect for supporting vigorous growth of plants that climb by twining (like Clematis, Passion Flower, Morning Glory and Royal Plum Cathedral Bells)

5. Vertical vegetables. Lots of vegetables grow on trellises and arbors: beans, peas, and tomatoes can be trained on simple bamboo tepees. Cherry tomatoes are so lanky that they can be trained to grow on a trellis.

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