The fence is an essential item when we decorate the garden. The role of the fence is the same, nothing more than decorating the garden. So the standard we choose is the style of the fence.

This fence is wave fence, It is sold in rolls and rolls. It is made of plastic. You can cut it to any length. It has many colors. You can decorate your yard with any combination of your preferences.

It can be used as a yard, garden fence, wavy curve design full of rural breath.I have to say that this fence also has many advantages.First, it saves valuable time and cost from the often painted fence. Second, the plastic does not absorb moisture, so there is no air bubbles on the surface, scaling, and it will not corrode and rot. Thirdly, it can be changed in any shape curve. The total length is 9 meters. It is easy to cut with scissors. If it is not enough, it can be connected repeatedly. And easy to operate.Decorate the look of your yard backyard or lawn.

It is made of PVC material, it can be used for three years, plastic barrier can maintain bright appearance, heat-resistant hardy, suitable for all kinds of outdoor climate;Plastic fence of plastic raw material contains anti ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer.It can be used as a yard, garden fence, wavy curve design full of rural breath.Also suitable for restaurants, hotels, hotels and other places of high-grade wai file for decoration, simple and the atmosphere, pure and elegant.

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