What do you think of weeds? They are very tenacious and they survive very well, even in harsh environments. But when you start gardening, you will find that you hate weeds. It is because of their tenacious qualities that they will continue to grow and affect the growth of plants. Weeds also require nutrients for growth. Limited nutrients are disbursed from weeds and cause normal plant growth, so we need to suppress weeds in horticulture. We would like to recommend a weed barrier.

This weed barrier is widely used for irrigation work, road paving, building projects as well as filters, drainage, isolation, protection and reinforcement. Its shape is round and can be used to protect roots. The T-shaped slit allows you to place it around the base of established plants or small trees; adding a layer of mulch or soil is all that is required to secure it. Utilizing this woven fabric ensures the root has a certain degree of mobility and oxygen. Great for the growth of plant roots, preventing them from rotting. Weed control cloth provides UV protection by preventing direct sunlight. The strong structure of the fabric itself prevents weed or grass from going through, effectively inhibiting the growth of weed or grass.

Weed barrier fabric is also composed of polypropylene (PP) plastic flat yarn to ensure strength and elongation. It also has corrosion resistance. Because this is a cloth, the material is very convenient and light weight compared to a traditional tree ring weed barrier; with its unique manufacturing technology, which has been under service for many years, we’re able to provide for the large farm to garden, and now for single trees, we engaged. If you have difficulty choosing the right weed barrier, or you don't know the specific size of your tree, you can self-tailor this one. Learn more about our weed barrier here.