If you have a vegetable plot, this weed barrier can enhance the growth better in your garden. There will be a lot of weeds growing along with the vegetables. These weeds will absorb the nutrients in the soil and inhibit the growth of the vegetables.

This weed barrier fabric with holes has lots of advantages. For one, it suppresses weed growth, conserves moisture and warms the soil; especially helpful for heat-lovers like melons and peppers.  Second, foliage and fruits don't come into contact with soil, which minimizes problems with soil-borne diseases. Our weed barrier conserves water by retaining soil moisture. Third, you can also install a soaker hose underneath for easy watering.

Grow vegetables the way the expert farmers do, in beds protected with black plastic mulch. It’s easy to water the plants and the plants remain much cleaner. Many customers stated that with this weed barrier the garden looks clean, everything is organized, and best of all, no weeds. Note that this product will not be able to be reused next year; however, if you are working with a raised bed, you will benefit from our product as the perforated holes are staggered. This can be used for something like strawberries, along with some straw on top, which would keep your strawberries clean and weed free. The holes in the plastic are perfectly spaced and you don't have to use them if you don't need them. This weed barrier is made of lightweight, soft material and is very convenient for transportation and construction.