Do you have such troubles? There are so many mosquitoes/bugs/insects all the season, the doors and windows in the house are open, and they will be easily fly through. In order to prevent such a situation , the doors and windows can be closed. However, the door can be closed and the room is not easily ventilated if the window is closed. So the best way to prevent this is to install curtains and window screens.

Of course, the choice of screens is very wide. But in my opinion, since I choose to install the window screen, I have to choose a good window screen. Screens sold by many merchants generally cannot withstand the test of time, either they can't stand the impact or they won't take long. So I want to introduce a good quality screen.

This is a nylon screen mesh, made of fiberglass, which guarantees the hardness of the screen. It is very sturdy and can be installed on the window and will not crash even if there is a bird impact. The color is charcoal black and is entangled. It is not easy to get dirty and it is not easy to accumulate dust. Can be cut into custom sizes, mesh size 1mmx1mm. Available in different lengths and widths. One kit includes a 36" x84" screen, 27.5" splines and an installation tool for easy installation and maintenance. The key is that it can be used for a long time without being damaged by wind and rain.

It can be used as a window screen, door screen, and patio screen. Let fresh air enter to prevent mosquitoes from flowing out. It is a good anti-mosquito product. One of our customer use this to cover air conditioner units which are below bird feeders in order to keep the bird seed out. Someone using magnets to attach them to the white metal security screen.

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