Extra Strong Bird Netting with 4pcs Stakes, Black

1, Made from durable polypropylene (PP), it is UV and rot resistant. 4 pcs stakes can be used to build as a frame.
2, Easy to roll up when not using. Can be cut to size without fraying.
3, Can also be used as pond netting. Creates a physical barrier that keeps pest birds and animals out. Allows light & moisture through
4, Easy to apply, simply drape over plants, suggest fixing it by pins or zip ties


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1. Customization accepted.
2. Reusable, last long. Easy to install and put away.
3. A must for gardeners, keep your fruit away from birds.
4. Suitable for grape trees, apple trees, orange trees, berries, kiwi, etc.

Material: PP, UV resistant
Color: White/Green/Black
Width: 6', 6.5', 7', 7.5', 10', 13', 14', 20', 25', 26'...
Lifetime: 3-10 years

Easy to install-Cover it directly against the fruit tree or use it with four stakes.
High quality -Eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-pulling.
Provides maximum protection without harming birds and small animals or interfering with plant growth. Protect your plants, trees and shrubs such as peaches, cherries, grapes, tomato, etc. away from birds, rodents and other pests


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