Trellis Netting, White

  • Garden netting, cucumber trellis netting

  • Saves garden space

  • Mesh size: 3.93inch by 3.93inch

  • Lightweight and easy to handle, Trellis Netting can be cut with scissors


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EcoTrellis Heavy-duty PE Plant Trellis Netting Garden Netting is ideal for tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peas, vining fruits, flowers, espalier and much more.
Made from sturdy and all-weather heavy-duty PE material.
It creates extra space in raised bed or square foot gardens.
It trains plants to grow vertically rather than compete for ground space.
Trellis netting is the most effective and economical way to support climbing vegetables and heavy crops.
Due to its durability and practical nature,EcoTrellis trellis netting is being used by many agriculturalists and floriculturists.
This trellis netting fully satisfies the requirements for a variety of growing techniques, both vertical and horizontal.
It is available in a variety of widths & lengths.
It is easy to handle, simple to install and will not tangle.


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