Grow Tunnel With Insect Netting Plant Cover

  • Ideal for raised bed planting, especially 4X4Ft or 5X5Ft raised bed.

  • 1pc of 8ft long hoop is jointed by 2pcs of 4ft long hoops with 1pc of ferrule.

  • Garden netting for Safe and effective barrier excludes many types of pests, including insects, birds and animals. It can be used for seed germination & frost protection.

  • Sunlight can through, no need to remove when watering.

  • arch span: 31"~63", approximate arch height: 23"~31",as the important basis of installation.


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Agfabric Row Tunnel with more than 5 years experience to keep manufacturing premium quality products, which now expanding to more feilds in home and garden. 

According to customers' requirements, we now make more improvements at the cover material and support hoops. including two types pre-assembled and not assembled. 

The pre-saaembled means the hoops are inserted into the cover, once you received the product, just lay it down, and dip the hoop's ends into ground. 

The not assembled one means the hoops and cover are seperated but packed to gether to your hand, you need to bend hoop and step two ends of the hoop to the ground. then put the cover down on the hoops.

Here are some tips make the installation easy as below:

  • Gathering all materials.
  • Bend the hoops.
  • Outline Your Low Tunnel Greenhouse. 
  • Put Your Hoops in Place.
  • Tie a Ridgeline.
  • Time to Place the cover. 
  • Tie Down the Ends with pins.

The cover material, we now have plastic, fleelce, shade cloth and netting, which corresponding to different application in different seasons. such as frost protection, sun protection and insect barrier.


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