Long U Hoops for Grow Tunnel

  • 3/7" Dia,H 32"xW56",6 pack.

  • Ideal for plant covers, row cover and frost protection cover support.

  • Use with insect netting,can effectively reduce the pests and diseases, reduce pesticide residues,anti-bird, anti-rain erosion.

  • Use with insulation film in winter, antifreeze, anti-frost, increase the temperature and humidity,extend the vegetable planting time, shorten the growth period of vegetables.

  • Use with the shade net can avoid too strong sunlight, increase humidity,dustpoof,anti-rain.

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Long U Hoops for Grow Tunnel, Greenhouse, Support For Plant Cover,Seedling Guard,Frost Protection 6 Pack is mainly used as frame for grow tunnels and raised beds.
With over 16 years of hands-on experience, extensive testing in the laboratory and in the field, we can state that we make the best hoop on the market.
Our hoops are strong, lightweight, and smooth.

Available individually or in sets for many kinds of growing in Farm or Nursery, the installation instruction with arch height and arch span will be the important basis.


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