Mini Greehouse Easy Seedling Tunnels

  • This mini tunnel is made from uv stabilized nonwoven fabric cover and 5 pcs hoops.
  • No assembly required,Drawstring ends allow access and degree of desired ventilation for your plants; steel hoops allow you to use the entire length of the tunnel.
  • Protect plants, vegetables and seeds from frost, snow, hail, wind in the winter and insects birds during the growing season. It can be used for seed germination & frost protection.
  • Easy to use and storage;Equiped with 2 stakes,dip it into earth and tie Drawstring to stake,the tunnel will be more stable.
  • Size:4-Feet long, 10-inch high, 9-12inch wide; Cover thickness:0.95 oz.


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Row Tunnel with more than 5 years experience to keep manufacturing premium quality products, which now expanding to more feilds in home and garden.

According to customers' requirements, we now make more improvements at the cover material and support hoops.

This is pre-saaembled tunnel.It means the hoops are inserted into the cover, once you received the product, just lay it down, and dip the hoop's ends into ground.

The cover material, we now have plastic film, fleelce, shade cloth and netting, which corresponding to different application in different seasons. such as frost protection, sun protection and insect barrier.


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