Garden Hoops for Hoophouse

  • Arch height: 27”~40” Arch span: 39”~81”.

  • 1/4"*10', pack of 20, 1pc of 10ft hoop is jointed by 2pcs of 5ft hoops with 1pc of ferrule.

  • Never rust garden hoops for hoophouse.

  • Ideal for plant covers, row cover and frost protection cover support.

  • Tunnel hoop span and height can be ajustable.

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With over 16 years of hands-on experience, extensive testing in the laboratory and in the field, we can state that we make the best hoop on the market. Our fiberglass hoops are strong, lightweight, and smooth.

Available individually or in sets for many kinds of growing in Farm or Nursery, the installation instruction with arch height and arch span will be the important basis.

Installation tips:

1.If grow tunnel hoop requires to be jointed by two or more pieces to be a long hoop with ferrules, please be careful about your eyes and skin in case hoop parts will pop out.

2.Glass fiber makes the hoop stronger and dural, please be careful of the small glass fiber during installation. The best wear gloves to protect your hands.


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