Plastic Protective Garden Cloche, 45"Lx16"Wx8"H

  • Dimensions: 45"Lengthx16"Widthx8"Height, Pins included for additional support.

  • Professional garden seed cloche cover, made from high quality UV protected plastic.

  • Protect plants, vegetables and seeds from frost, snow, hail, wind in the winter and insects birds during the growing season.

  • Provides warm environment like greenhouse for plants to obtain adequate air circulation and sunlight with the clear material and unique adjustable air vents.

  • No need to remove every morning and replace every evening, reusable.

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Made of clear, long-lasting PVC material, which is UV protected and weather resistance.

Used as mini-greenhouses that can not only let light in to warm the seeds soil in early spring but also protect plants from harsh weather and pests.

A practical vent top designed to control ventilation and humidity, besides can prevent overheating on a sunny day.

With several years manufacturing experience, we keep adding more innovative sizes, such as:

  • Bell stylel including Dia8"xH6.5", Dia10"xH7.5", Dia13"xH11.8".
  • Rectangular Shape, 22"Lx11"Wx10"H, which also perfect for seeds germination. 
  • Assembled Shape, 45"Lx16"Wx8"H for single cloche.(You can assemble serveral pcs to have a longer and giant greenhouse).

Designed with concave-convex on both ends.Double layers plant bell, to increase more higher temps in some special states.

This new design created by us, storing temp between the two layers will keep longer time.


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