Product Details:
Features and Advantages:
Suitable for every gardener: Whether you are an experienced gardener or new as a fresh sprouting, this outdoor little greenhouse is perfect for you.Planting boxes make growing herbs, vegetables and plants easy and stress-free.Enjoy the low maintenance of the greenhouse, which provides weather protection, retains heat and moisture, protects against cold air, and keeps bugs and small animals out.
Greenhouse Kit Cold Frame Garden Greenhouse Mini Gardening Plant easy to open completely and rolled up with ropes, makes bigger operating space & better ventilation and easy to set up and pretty stable.
Greenhouse Kit Include: A PE protective cover, 2 zipper doors, complete greenhouse bracket, which is assembled into a stable small greenhouse, which is more portable and stable when moving.
Note: When assembling, make sure that the interfaces are tightly connected to the poles to ensure that the small house is stronger and the zipper is easier to pull up. Please refer to the installation instructions in the sub drawing
SIZE :?Big enough to work for good sized plant pot & garden bed. Can be used both indoors & outdoors. Easy to move and convenient to store.