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WIDTH: 0.98-1.77in, LENGTH¡êo164-328ft, COLORS: Red, Red & Silver, Yellow & Silver, Green & Silver
Features and Benefits¡êo

BIRD DETERRENCE - Base on latest polyester film, the light reflectance of the flash surface is about 90%, which strongly stimulate birds' eyes, aiming to better drive away birds and pests with high reflectivity.

LONG LASTING - Anti-UV, Waterproof, Anti-Aging, Flexible, Strentch-Resistant, Anti-Fading & Longer Life Span

APPLICATION - Natural bird & pest repellent tools for farmland, garden, orchard & nursery, including apple orchard, pear orchard, cherry orchard, grape orchard and etc. Thus chemical harm is completely avoided.

DOUBLE SIDE - Allows to twist before using as to increase the reflecting rate as well as noises.