Grow Tunnel Film and Hoops

  • Use never rust steel hoops to support clear plastic film forming a greenhouse, protecting plants from frost, insects, birds, or intense sun.

  • It is forming a complete shed retaining warmth and humidity, protecting plants and crops from the bad weather and pests & enjoy longer growing seasons. It can be used for seed germination & frost protection.

  • UV-protection, allowed light transmission, provide plants/vegetables enough sunshine and best growing environment.

  • Superior clarity, strength and toughness of clear film with .Never-rust Steel hoop. It is easy to install.

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Combined with two parts, one is clear plastic film, the other is coated steel curved hoops. PE material of clear plastic film, which is strength and tough, it is hard to teared during installation. Never rust hoop, which can be used for long time.

It warms the soils & provides protection against harsh weather and pests. UV-production and the thin yet durable polyethylene resin allows optimum light transmission for optimum plant growth.

The infra-red additive helps to maintain a more stable greenhouse environment and reduces heat loss.

Never rust curved hoops, it is easy for installation.


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