Plastic Safety Fence

  • Great for establishing a secondary fence for landscaping purposes, protecting flowerbeds and gardens from being trampled on. Or, put it up to keep toddlers away from your pool and other unsavory areas of your yard.
  • Made of HDPE UV resistant Material
  • Green High visiblity Color, Beware from far distance
  • Guardian,Durable and Reusable
  • Used as a safety barrier, safety fence, snow fence, snow guard,Protect your property's safe

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It is made from polyethylene while adding anti-aging agent (UV) . High strength, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, light and soft, recyclable and so on. Mesh is mainly rectangular or oval-based.

Features: Smooth, firm and difficult to break, delicate, uniform mesh, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, good flexibility, reusable and so on.

Usage: Used as decorative nets, snow fence, high-grade fence, and many other areas. Play a warning role Lightweight UV-protected mesh safety netting comes to your rescue when you’re in need of instant skirting around gardens, seeded lawns, newly laid concrete sidewalks, or freshly painted low surfaces. Easy to install . Stability this will prevent sagging or collapsing caused from wind stress, animal gnawing, or snow buildup (doubling up on the thickness of netting is recommended for those who live in rural areas prone to frigid weather conditions). Once it’s set up, you will have a vibrant visual barrier with maximum visibility that is just as easy to remove, roll up, and stow away in the garage or garden shed for future use.


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