Stainless Steel Plant Cover,13"Dia x15"H,5 Pack

  • Pre-formed and ready to use with no assembly required
  • Made with reinforced rims and bottoms for easy lifting and planting mesh leaves little opening for those gophers and moles to go through
  • Made in the same sizes as standard pots for seamless transfer.It is perfect for planting trees and large shrubs.
  • Made from high quality 16 gauge stainless steel, ensures lasting durability
  • 3/4" square welded wire Mesh , moles and rabbits to go through

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We've shared in frustration, of beloved plants 'disappearing' into the ground, without a trace, having been eaten from the roots up by a gopher.
Maybe you've experienced this very thing or watched a beloved plant suddenly start to die.
Taking the extra step to plant in gopher baskets can be easy and worthwhile.
Making sure your plants are safe from gopher damage is an easy way to ensure their life as well as your peace of mind. .
Also to protect your plant growing. Give a good environment for growing & planting


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