Frost Blanket - 0.95 oz Fabric of 84''x 72''

  • SUITABLE SIZE Perfect for Plant size 80"-84"high and 140"-144" round, Heavy-weight FRCs (.9-1.2 oz./sq. yard): Are usually used to extend the growing season in spring and fall, allow 30%-50% light transmittance, and recommend 3°-8°F. of frost protection.
  • DRAWSTRING DESIGN Easy drawstring at the openning makes it easier and quicker to cover plants during harsh weather.
  • BREATHABILITY High quality UV stabilized spun polypropylene fabric allows air and moisture to reach your plants.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and soft fabric is plant friendly, no harm to plant growing
  • APPLICATION Protect plants from snow hail,frost in the winter and insects,birds during the growing season,No need to remove each morning and replace each evening.
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Dimensions 84''x 72'' is actually a pretty large cover, large enough to cover a good sized shrub or a small tree. It can be used to cover up succulent bed that had planted in an old concrete bird bath, and it's a little large - but still works fine.

Cover slips over the shrub/tree/birdbath and there is a drawstring at the bottom that you use to tighten it around the plant, and keep it in place. Assuming nothing tears it up over the winter, it can be rolled up and reused next year.

Agfabric Plant cover made with high quality UV stabilized spun polypropylene fabric
which have different thickness offering a greenhouse with different temperatures for application in each state.
We provide 0.55oz/sq.yard,0.9oz/sq.yard,1.2oz/sq.yard,1.5oz/sq.yard,2.0oz/sq.yard fabrics.
The weight value going up,the fabric more thicker, then keep more higher temperatures.

To meet different people's application requirements, we gradually have more innovative designs in shape.
Such as round in-shape coat
Extra large jacket design for extremely high trees
Plant cover within plant supports for fruit trees
Dark green shrub wraps
Tent in-shape shrub cover within frame
Plant cover with fixing holes on the edge
Decorative brid protecting bag
also have new improvement in color,from white to dark green

Multi-applications as below:
Frost Protection Perfect for fruit tree, patio Trees,raised bed vegetables,shrubs,potted flowers,tall upright plants,etc.
Seed Germination Traps heat and mositure to speed germination and plant growth
Biting Protection Protect your plant from biting by birds,Insects,rabbits and other animals.
Terrible Weather Protection Protect your plants from exposure,storm,hail,snow,etc.


Customer Reviews (4)

Five StarsReview by CN Vines
Much better than a large sheet... works well. (Posted on 8/16/2018)
Perfect for the right shrub or tree.Review by Rollin L. Astra
Kept my tree nice and cozy during the freezes this year. Did a good job. (Posted on 8/16/2018)
Cozy for WinterReview by Happy in Arkansas
These bags came just in time for a cold snap here in Arkansas. I'm using them to protect very large pots of plants in my back yard. I've chosen to put the pots in the bags and put extra insulating material at the bottom to protect roots. When a freeze or snow comes, I can then raise the bags up over the plants and lock it in with the drawstrings. (Posted on 8/16/2018)
Did the job wellReview by laceknitter
I planted a mango tree in the Bay Area, northern CA the day before a 24F cold snap--not the best timing. I had a string of warm incandescent Christmas lights on the tree and this cover over it with the bottom edges held down with rocks so there wouldn't be any gapping. 32F kills mango trees and below 40 kills any inflorescence (flowering parts). I uncovered the tree during the daytime, when the temps were high enough to be safe, so that it could get full sunlight.

It came through its first winter just fine and flowered beautifully. I'll sew covers together if need be; I'm not going to let it get very tall because it's easier to manage small.

One thing to note, we went out of town for a week in April when there was some question about whether it would stay warm enough at night or not so I simply left the cover on the whole time--way better than maybe losing the tree. The mango was in the middle of a flush of growth and the new leaves that hadn't gotten to full size yet stopped growing and never did. The cover does let most light in, but not all, and it did seem to interrupt them.

It's all a learning process and I am very happy I bought this. (Posted on 8/16/2018)

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