Geo Grid Plastic Honeycomb Permeable Grass Pavers

  • Erosion Control: For extreme erosion control - look no further than our geo ground grid. With its large sections - you stretch it out, anchor down and fill with your large or packable gravel. If you are having major erosion issues it’s the way to go.

  • Durable Material: Light material, wear resistance, stable chemical performance, light and oxygen aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert and other soil conditions.

  • Multiple Uses: Perfect for driveways, parking lots and retaining walls. Higher lateral restraint and anti-skid, anti-deformation and effective enhancement of subgrade bearing capacity and decentralized load.

  • Slope Road Beautification: Prevent loss of materials (cement, greening, etc.) due to gravity and rain problems

  • Easy to Transport: Flexibility, small transport volume, convenient connection, makes construction more convenient.


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1. Protect the slope, prevent loss of materials (cement, greening, etc.) due to gravity and rain problems

2. Perfect for parking lot, prevent deformation and water accumulation.

3. To stable the bed of railway and road, to bear the loading dykes and walls and to administer shallow water and river.

4. To prevent landslide and to be used as compound walls to support loading

5. To be used in dependent walls, wharfs and bank and so on.

Used in:

- Parking Pads

- Retaining Walls

- Walking Paths

- Erosion Control

- Paver Base

- Shed Base

- Temporary Lot

- Horse Stables / Paddocks


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