5.0oz Compound Weed Block Barrier, 5ft Width

  • Premium Punched Non-Woven Weed Barrier Fabric without Chemicals

  • Made of Heavy Duty Polypropylene (PP) material will Last Many Years against UV Stabilized for Durability

  • Easy to install

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The weed barrier cloth is the ideal material to control the weed and keep your place neat and clear from the soil, too much water.

Ground Covers that are Excellent for Your Professional Landscaping and Soil Stabilizaion, and Let Air and Water Through thus Conserving Your soil’s Moisture and Preserving its Value

EASY TO INSTALL-Fallow in Row Color Line is Easy for Your Planting Management to Keep Your Cut Straight, Please See Our Other Listings if You Need Other Staples

These Premium Fabrics are Perfect for Surpressing Weeds in Your Garden, Orchards and Nurseries,Outdoor Rows, Greenhouses and etc. We Take Arrive Folded for the Big Size, For Example: 4x300ft, 5x300ft, 6x300ft, 8x300ft...


1. can effectively prevent the ground produce weeds, keep the floor clean.

2. in favor of the growth of the root, prevent root rot.

3. to prevent the growth of extra potted flower, improve the quality of potted flower.

4. be helpful for cultivation and management: weaving with one-way mark line, put flower POTS or arrange outdoor cultivation matrix, can according to these signs line to accurately arrangement.

5. black cloth covered with the regulation to plant the function of the growth cycle, so as to achieve the effect of control time to market of plant .


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