Wellco Industries and Agfabric

Found by Mr. Phil Hwa in 1997, Wellco Industries, INC. is the globally leading manufacturer and supplier in agriculture,  landscape, construction and electricity industries. The headquarter locates in Vista, California and now it operates two factories in both USA and China.  Currently more than 200 staff and workers in the two nations are employed by Wellco Industries and it is expected to expand its business stably in the next few years.

Agriculture section is a crucial part of the rapid development of Wellco Industries in early years. We design and manufacture fabric products for various applications, such as sunblock shade cloth, row cover/frost cover, weed barrier and etc. And today We have established long-term strategic partnership with many famous enterprises as their trustful suppliers, which customers can easily find in the market.

In 2007, Wellco Industries decided to operate downstream in the supply chain and expect to build up first-hand contacts with agriculture suppliers and end-users.  Therefore, our brand----- Agfabric was newly-released by the end of 2008.

As a manufacturer, Agfabric's mission is to better understand our customers and strive to help them improve the efficiency and output of their field works continuously by making gradual progress of our products and offering help to customers. Our factory outlet products shall help our customers perform better in thier fields and yards at a much lower price.  We’ve devoted all our efforts to gain more customers.